1-Day Introduction to the River Styles Framework

1-Day Introduction to the River Styles® Framework

Who should attend this workshop: Anyone who is interested is interested in familiarising themselves with the River Styles® framework and how it is used in river management both in Australia and overseas.

Duration: 1 day, 8:30am-5:00pm

Location: Office or hall-based in any location.

Prerequisite: None, but the introduction to fluvial geomorphology workshop is of significant benefit.

Cost to host: upon request

Course numbers: A minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 participants is required for the workshop to run.


Aims of the workshop

To develop a working knowledge of the River Styles framework
To discuss uses of the framework in river rehabilitation and waterways management in Australia and overseas
To provide an introductory pathway to the 5-day professional River Styles Short Course

The intent of the River Styles workshops is NOT to provide fundamental training in the River Styles framework. Rather, participants will develop an introductory understanding of the underpinnings of this approach. From this, practitioners will be able to determine the usefulness of the framework for their work.


Workshop structure


  • Introduction: People in the room. Underlying principles of the River Styles framework.
  • Presentation 1: Stage One of the River Styles framework: River character, pattern and controls.
  • Practical Exercise 1: River Styles Quiz
  • Presentation 2: Stage One of the River Styles framework: Interpreting river behaviour.


  • Practical Exercise 2: Mapping River Styles using Google Earth of local rivers and interpreting river behaviour.


  • Presentation 3: Stage Two of the River Styles framework: Catchment framed assessment of geomorphic river condition.
  • Practical Exercise 3: Selecting appropriate geoindicators of condition for different river styles.
  • Presentation 4 Stage Three of the River Styles framework: Assessing the evolutionary trajectory and geomorphic recovery potential of rivers


  • Presentation 5 Stage Four of the River Styles framework: Implications for river management (setting geomorphic visions, identifying target conditions for river management, prioritisation based on geomorphic river condition and recovery potential, monitoring and auditing improvement in condition).
  • Practical Exercise 4: Identifying target conditions for river rehabilitation and level of intervention required
  • Discussion session: River Futures and applications of the River Styles framework.
  • Closing remarks.


Further information


To be placed on the mailing list for the next River Styles Short Course or to obtain further information please email info@riverstyles.com.