2-Day Use of River Styles Databases in River Management Decision Making

2-Day Use of River Styles® Databases in River Management Decision Making

The basics


Duration: 2 days inclusive

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to use existing River Styles databases, including condition and recovery assessments for prioritisation and decision making

Prerequisites: Familiarity with the River Styles framework (either through training or use). If you have a copy, please bring your “Geomorphology and River Management” book.

Location: Field- and office-based at a location chosen by the host.

Cost to host: Upon request.

Course numbers: A minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 is required for the course to run.


Aims of the course


  • Briefly revisit the River Styles Framework
  • Demonstrate how maps and information gathered at each stage can be used in river management
  • Through office- and field-based application, develop hands-on familiarity with how to undertake and use river condition and recovery principles in river management
  • Engage in in-class discussion sessions on uptake of these principles and available resources in a whole-of-government approach to river management


Course timeline


Day 1 AM:

  • Introduction and refresher of the River Styles framework.
  • Overview of key River Styles principles and applications.
  • In-class exercises on assessing geomorphic river condition and recovery potential.

Day 1 PM:

  • Field visits to a range of rivers of interest to the host. Applying condition and recovery assessments.
  • Discussion/overview session at venue on what we have learnt.

Day 2 AM:

  • Presentation on how River Styles information has been used to inform river management.
  • A practical application on how you can use available databases and maps to inform management.

Day 2 PM:

  • Workshop discussion session on how the River Styles Framework can be used to inform a whole of government approach to river management (e.g. prioritisation, data management, consistency of use and application, strategic decision making, what can be done where, ‘opt-in/opt-out’ and ‘leave it alone’ approaches, etc.)



Further information


To be placed on the mailing list for the next River Styles Short Course or to obtain further information please email info@riverstyles.com.