Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

What makes a good applied geomorphologist?


Modified from the Geological Society of America position statement on applied fluvial geomorphology, 2004.

  • Fluvial geomorphologists are specially trained to identify relations between process and form along rivers, and how rivers adjust and behave
  • Fluvial geomorphologists are trained to take a holistic view of rivers that places each site within its landscape/catchment context
  • Fluvial geomorphologists are careful field observers and are aware of site-specific conditions that can cause a river to behave in an ‘unexpected’ manner
  • Fluvial geomorphologists recognise a river as a physical system with a history
  • The integrated perspective of fluvial geomorphology is critical to successful river rehabilitation and management


The River Styles® framework has been developed to incorporate all these aspects of good applied fluvial geomorphology


the forms and behaviours of rivers


the processes and conditions driving forms and behaviours


the range of possible river condition trajectories