Host a River Styles Course or Workshop

Would your organisation like to host a River Styles course or workshop? Here’s how.


We currently use two models, host and in-house, depending on the course of workshop being offered:

  • In-house model: AccessMQ, in collaboration with the instructors, administer the course
  • Host model: A host will provide logistical support for running the course and the instructors are paid on a daily rate. AccessMQ liaise with the host organisation during the course set-up process.


For more information on hosting a River Styles course in your workplace, contact



Course Name Course Type Prerequisite Description Hosting Arrangement
Introduction to Fluvial Geomorphology Starter* Related education of work-related experience 1-day course. Basic introduction to fluvial geomorphology. For people in related fields who need to become familiar with geomorphology to understand process, read and interpret reports, etc. Host
Introduction to the River Styles Framework Starter* Related education of work-related experience 1-day course. For river practitioners wishing to understand the 4-stage framework and methodology of the River Styles framework Host
River Styles Short Course Doer* Ideally, the Introduction to fluvial geomorphology course 5-day course. Includes field work. Focus on how to undertake Stage 1 of the Framework. Accreditation attached. In-house
River Condition and Recovery Doer* 5-day River Styles Short Course 3-day course. Focus on how to undertake Stage 2 and Stage 3 analyses. Includes fieldwork. Host or In-house
Use of River Styles framework for decision-making in river management User* Familiarity with the River Styles Framework 2-day course. Focus on how to use Host

* Course types explained:

  • Starter: a river practitioner with limited fluvial geomorphology knowledge
  • Doer: a trained fluvial geomorphologist or other related field, currently working on rivers collecting data or working with existing River Styles data sets
  • User: a river practitioner who would like to understand the methodology and process of the River Styles Framework to interpret results and apply to management decisions